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indoor cycling master trainer
cycling concept curator
co-founder House of Ride

“I'll give you my soul if you give me your legs."


website shoot november 2022

My cycling career started by chance in 2018. A tinder date gave me a coupon to Amsterdam's newest boutique cycling studio. I went. The owner complimented my legs. The rest was history.

After the pandemic ran my bank account ragged, I re-strategised, chose my career and financial future, and expanded my client base. I started work in on-demand fitness, curated the launch cycling concepts of Rite, Antwerp, and Psytrack, Basel, and guest instructed and ran training workshops at several more studios across Europe.

In 2023, Felicia Purperhart and I identified the need for an independant organisation and space for indoor cycling professionals.
We founded House of Ride, an indoor cycling instructor collective that connects, educates, and empowers coaches through online and in-person events and trainings. We have proudly worked with Calvin Klein and Lululemon.


work with me

bespoke talent development

motivational speaking
immersive classes
power + exercise science
authentic messaging
mastering music
coaching to all fitness levels


team building workshops

reinvigorate your team
spark authentic connections
bring the joy back
facilitate communication
heal team wounds
inspire coaches to dream big

concept curator

set-up a new cycling studio
revamp your cycling concept
performance & rhythm cycling

business & brand consultancy

connect with your community
analyse your service
discover your brand voice

House of Ride launch shoot
february 2023

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