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weekly online + in-person classes
corporate wellbeing events


figure a. human nervous system

figure c. human nervous system 
doing music-driven breathwork

figure b. human nervous system 
with headphones

“Your breath hacks into your nervous system. Breathing techniques shift your physical body between fight-or-flight and rest-and-digest.

It's science."



House of Ride november 2023

I once thought breathwork was snake oil. How naive of me... When burnout, personal conflict, undiagnosed ADHD, and resurfacing trauma wreaked havoc on my life and I sat on a four-month psychologist waitlist, I had nowhere else to turn to. I started following short breathwork videos on YouTube and immediately felt better. I soon progressed to longer in-person and online sessions, discovering how breathing techniques can lead to psychedelic states where feelings of bliss and deep trust reverberated through me.

I found in breathwork what I had spent half a decade looking for on the bike - radical acceptance of my Self independant of other people's expectations and validation. Just like I used to, I watch people show up to cycling classes every week searching for what they will never find there. I now show these people the Way, supporting them as they discover that true peace and self-love is independent of athleticism and has been waiting inside us all this time.

“Certain breathing techniques take you to a psychedelic state of consciousness. This is where the science gets fuzzy - but things don't need to be understood to be healing."

breathe with me





release stress and find flow

thursdays 18:30 - 19:20 cet
online on zoom

energising breathwork

fridays 17:45 - 18:45
Oracley, Amsterdam


coming soon
Amsterdam, Antwerp, Brussels

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